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STX Crux 10 Degree Lacrosse Stick

STX Crux 10 Degree Lacrosse Stick

STX Crux 10 Degree Lacrosse Stick


The Crux 10 Degree lacrosse stick by STX is the ultimate shooting and passing weapon. The Crux 10 Degree features an extreme angled scoop which provides more whip and accuracy than any other 10 degree lacrosse stick. This 10 Degree technology drives the ball to the sweet spot for the quickest release and great ball feel. The Crux 10 Degree has a low sidewall for superior ball handling and control. The raised ball stop and maximum angle offer enhanced ball protection when handling upright. Finally, the elastomer overmold which is in the lower half of the stick helps eliminate the ball from rattling.

The Crux 10 Degree is strung with the Runway Pocket which features a unique, overlapping center string system which allows the two center runners to flex out and hug the ball for better control and feel.

NOTE: The Crux 10 Degree will not fit on a straight handle, it will only fit on the STX 10 Degree handles.

This is a complete stick and the handle is the flex 10 Degree.

We also offer the Crux 10 Degree head separately, in our Heads Only section. You can then purchase a different handle other than the Flex 10 Degree handle which is included with this item. The Crux 10 Degree will only work with the following 10 Degree handles: Vortex 10, Lever 10, Ripple 10, Slant 10, and the Flex 10 which is the handle this complete stick comes standard with.

The first color listed is the head color, and the second color is the elastomer color. All of the Runway pockets are white, except for the black/lime which has a lime runway pocket to give this stick a great look.

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STX Crux 10 Degree Lacrosse Stick
STX Crux 10 Degree Lacrosse Stick - Inset