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OPROshield Junior Mouthguard

OPROshield Junior Mouthguard

OPROshield Junior Mouthguard
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The OPROshield line of mouthguards were designed by Dr. Anthony Lovat BDS, the founder of OPRO which is the largest supplier of custom mouthguards in the world.

The OPROshield Line introduces the patented OproFin retention system which gives the OproShield line of mouth guards the best retention (fit) performance of any self-fit mouthguard in the world. The highly technological cross-sectional profile means maximum protection against front and concussive blows while keeping the palate clear for improved breathing and speech. The OproShield is the worlds most advanced self fit mouthguard.

The OproShield Junior is designed for children up to age 9 with smaller mouths. It includes 8 self forming fins.

The mouthguard comes with a hard plastic clear case, and includes a sticker to attach to the case that you can put your name on to clearly identify your mouthguard.

Fitting instructions are in the box, but it also includes a mini-cd so you can actually watch someone fit the mouthguard before you do it yourself. This will help you get an even better fit from your mouth guard.

Since many kids donít like putting a hot mouthguard in their mouth while forming it, the Opro Junior was designed for children, so it offers drain holes for quicker cooling, and you can fit the mouthguard with warm water.

You fit the Junior like the video and instructions say, BUT after removing from the hot water and before placing in your mouth, you place the junior mouthguard with fins upwards on an absorbent paper towel for 8-10 seconds. This allows the water to drain and the temperature to drop.

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OPROshield Junior Mouthguard
OPROshield Junior Mouthguard - Inset