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deBeer NV3 Lacrosse Stick

deBeer NV3 Lacrosse Stick

deBeer NV3 Lacrosse Stick


The deBeer NV3 lacrosse stick is a new and lighter version of the original Envy. The NV3 has the traditional offset sidewall which provides excellent feel and control. The 6.5 degree raised ball stop improves ball retention, catching ability and control. The large pocket creates maximum travel for improved control.

The NV3 is strung with the Gripper Pro Pocket, the newest pocket from deBeer. The Gripper Pro Pocket offers improved ball control and enhanced pocket shape. The color of the two synthetic strings down the middle are the same color as the head except for white the two synthetic strings are black. For example, if you get a red head, the two strings down the middle will be red.

This is a complete stick, and the handle is a standard deBeer 6000 Handle made with 6061 Alloy. The handle is a triax shape which orients the stick to the correct position during play. It is a straight handle. The handle color matches the head color. The handle has black, silver as well as accents of the head color.

If you would like to purchase a different handle, or have your own we also sell the NV3 as a head only in our Head Only Section.

NOTE: The prior model of the Envy was a TOS head so you could not use a straight handle with it. However, the NV3 is not that way, and you must use a straight handle like the one that is included in this complete stick.

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deBeer NV3 Lacrosse Stick
deBeer NV3 Lacrosse Stick - Inset